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Developer's Matrix - Typography

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The concept of the wallpaper is based on Matrix movie wallpaper. Its my first wallpaper in this series. [view]

What's Next?

I have a huge repository of resources including ready-to-use components and online links to tutorials for Photoshop, CSS, PHP and JQuery. I'll shortly put them under resources tab.

Unbridled Love

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Drawn using 2B, 6B and 8B pencils on a Canson fine grained paper. [view]

Project and Lab


Updated projects on the About section. Find a new way to represent your skill set on the skills section under About. [view]

Browse Less, Learn More


In an Internet dominated era where information is floating over the net in millions of websites, it is essential how we structure the content and present it to the user. This very article “Browse Less, Learn More” is a reflection of my thought on structuring a website to ensure a website delivers what it is intended for and at the same time keeps the visitors of the website intrigued. [read more]

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