My Albums

Photo Manipulation

Created : Feb-2010

No. of Photos : 15

This album contains artifacts produced while learning to manipulate pictures.

My Photoshop School

Created : Feb-2010

No. of Photos : 7

Album contains tutorialized pictures. These images were created while learning through online tutorials.

Street Kings

Created : Oct-2008

No. of Photos : 14

Street Kings was a name to a group of friends and the album demonstrates my rudimentary efforts at photoshop.

Product Marketing

Created : May 2010

No. of Photos : 2

Austere in design, these images were intended to attract attention to the products or the brand.


Created : June-2010

No. of Photos : 1

It contains logos that I have designed for people.


Created : Sep-2010

No. of Photos : 1

Typography is a very interesting domain and it contains wallpapers I made while playing with fonts.

My Figments

Created : June-2010

No. of Photos : 3

These are 'myFigments' wallpapers. I wanted to keep them simple and yet powerful.

Movie Stars

Created : Sep-2008

No. of Photos : 5

My initial creations where I tweaked photographs and I call it movie stars as images were based on characters in movies.

My Favorites